Bristol City Council

The West of England’s local authorities are committed to encouraging the wider use of low emission transport by moving towards electric vehicles. Go Ultra Low West is a project running across the entire West of England area (Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset) to provide the infrastructure and environment for large scale conversion to electric and ultra-low emission vehicles

Bournemouth Borough Council

Bournemouth is a ‘Green Economy Leader’ at the cutting edge of environmental protection. This world renowned South Coast town and resort was recently named the UK’s greenest city by the Vitality Index because per capita Bournemouth has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions and second lowest energy consumption of the towns and cities assessed.

Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council has a strong track record in forward-thinking integrated transport delivery. Having invested in high quality trams, buses, integrated ticketing and cycling, the council’s ambitions turned to cleaning up the vehicles on our roads.

Durham City Council

County Durham is excited to be launching Green Great Britain Week! The week will kick off in Durham City with an electric vehicle roadshow, where we will be promoting the financial, social and environmental benefits of ultra-low emission vehicles and hearing how local authorities can help facilitate the governments ‘Zero Carbon’ agenda for transport.