While its biggest rivals are merely talking about the future, SAIC Maxus consider the future is now and launched the EV80 – an unprecedented European styled light-duty EV – into the domestic market.


Based in Coventry UK, Aurrigo (a division of RDM Group) design, manufacture and deploy a range of self-driving vehicles, available as four-seat pods and 12-seat shuttles. As well as shuttles, Aurrigo provide experienced staff to run deployments and maintain vehicles, and services for managing the application of Pods in public spaces including customer facing booking functions, fleet management and pod despatch using Aurrigo Connect software.


EO stands for ‘Electricity Online’ – an idea integral to our vision of designing smart energy technologies for the future. Through integrations with solar panels, battery storage and smart home devices - EO will enable individuals to remove their dependency on the grid. We’re working to create a new energy ecosystem which gives people the power of energy autonomy.

Reliable electric vehicle charging for Coventry’s residents and businesses. is the most convenient way for drivers to charge an electric vehicle on their street. We utilise existing street infrastructure to provide two electric vehicle charging solutions.

Electromobility will play an ever bigger role in the near future - in moving people, and in new business ideas. This development is backed by high power charging technologies from Siemens. With high power and voltage range they are perfectly fit to meet fast-charging challenges in any of today's and future most important applications.

Powering your home and your electric vehicle