Bristol City Council

The West of England’s local authorities are committed to encouraging the wider use of low emission transport by moving towards electric vehicles.

Go Ultra Low West is a project running across the entire West of England area (Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset) to provide the infrastructure and environment for large scale conversion to electric and ultra-low emission vehicles, this includes:

Public charging network: informed by market research, new charge points will be installed to double the size of the current charging Source West network to ensure that owners of electric vehicles will be able to charge in their local area.

Charging hubs by 2021 there will be four Rapid Electric Vehicle Charging Hubs in the West of England region. Like fuel stations, but for electric car owners to be able to pull in, charge up and drive away.

Electric car clubs where we work with West of England car club providers to install charging points for electric car club vehicles, so that those people who don’t need a car all of the time can still benefit from electric technology.

Business grants where we provide 50% of the funding for charge points to be installed in businesses in Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire.

Council fleets - each authority in the West of England has been set targets to convert their diesel and petrol powered fleet to cleaner vehicles. To date, over 70 EVs have been added to councils’ fleets

Demonstration vehicles – for those not able to attend the GBBW EV road show, there are still opportunities to try out an electric vehicle for two weeks

For residents in the West of England, switching to an electric vehicle has never been easier.

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