Bournemouth Borough Council

Bournemouth is a ‘Green Economy Leader’ at the cutting edge of environmental protection.

This world renowned South Coast town and resort was recently named the UK’s greenest city by the Vitality Index because per capita Bournemouth has the lowest greenhouse gas emissions and second lowest energy consumption of the towns and cities assessed.

Key to its sustainability credentials and status as a Green Economy Leader, the Council champions low carbon, sustainable transport. This commitment has seen the Council:

  • help set-up and support the business travel network that promotes sustainable transport to employers;
  • increase the cumulative length of cycle lanes in Bournemouth over the past decade from 72 km – 88.5 km;
  • and install five rapid electric vehicle charging points as part of a Dorset wide network.

The Council recognises the significant benefits the promotion of electric vehicles offers, particularly in relation to air quality and public health, and that ownership of electric vehicles and demand for charging infrastructure is increasing. However, there are several issues that need to be considered before charging points are introduced on a widespread basis, particularly in residential areas.

The Council is progressively building the evidence base required to install a town-wide network of electric vehicle charge points. To do this the Council has signed up to the Hampshire County Council Electric Vehicle Charging Public Sector Framework, which has resulted the Council commissioning a feasibility study for a large scale EV network in Bournemouth. The Council is also having an electric charge point mapping exercise undertaken that was awarded innovation funding from the UK Space Agency.

In July 2018, the Council also supported the Dorset EV event, which investigated what public and private sector organisations can do to support the uptake of electric vehicles. Building upon this event, the Council is excited to host the EV roadshow as part of Green Great Britain Week. This will give the public an exciting opportunity to preview and test drive the latest electric vehicles on the market.